Please Read and Understand before registering your lesson for Online courses & Privat courses

In order to satisfy the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) requirements the student must complete the following

  • Advanced pay all aspects of the course MUST be completed within 364 days/ One year of starting the lessons plans no return fee.
  • Cancellations of an in-car lesson must be made 24 hours in advance. Please contact your in-car driving instructor at the cell number to the instructor (the student will have the instructor’s cell number to do this).
  • Our Driving School has a $50/- late cancellation fee or a $50/ no-show fee to cover the costs associated with the missed an in-car lesson.
  • Our driving School will arrange for student pick up for in-car lessons within the city limits (within 5 km), otherwise, a pre-arranged pick-up location will be determined. Please call for more details on city limits.
  • You are only eligible to receive a refund if cancellation notice is given at least 2 full working days prior to the course start date. After Course start no refund.
  • There will be no refund if Our Driving School’s car is booked for a road test in advance.
  •  Road test will be in city limits (within 20 kilometer).
  • For road tests students should be paid advance and the instructor is not responsible for pass or fail.