Canadian residents can enroll online via Interac e-Transfer is very trusty pay methods.

These are challenging times with the pandemic. That’s why you can complete the BDE course through our online Learning Management System. You can comfortably complete the course at your home and at your own convenience. This 20 hours online course meeting the requirements for the MTO beginner driver education course. The sessions will cover multiple topics related to driving as outlined in the MTO curriculum for the Beginner Driver Education program. This course excludes In-Car lessons.

You can take the In-class / Online course without the G1 license. Of course, the G1 license is required for in car instruction.

You can choose from 3 different packages for new students depending on your personal needs and preferences.

As a beginner, you must complete 20 hours Online or in- class, 10 hours in- car and 10 hours of homework.

Once you completed BDE Online course you will be scheduled for in car lessons. A Licensed Driver Instructor with training car will be allotted. The time and date will be based on the availability of the Instructor, time of the year and location. Wait time vary.

Yes, female instructors are available.

The student must have their valid G1 License with them at all times during in car lessons. Recommended to wear closed toe shoes. Proof of course fees and a Pen.

All in Car training is one-on one-instruction – one student with one instructor.

Yes. All In Car lessons Training vehicles

Sure, you can bring your cell phone with you during the lesson but must be in silent mode. Remember, you can’t use your phone behind the wheel.

In most cases our instructors will pick up and drop off you with in five-kilometre radius area of Sherbourne and Wellesley intersection eighter from home, office, school or TTC / subway stations. If your location is out of five-kilometre radius you must make your own transportation to reach nearby TTC/Subway stations from that point our instructors can pick up or drop off you.

Yes, students can take breaks during the lesson to use the restroom or release stretch.

Yes, we provide In Car lessons 7 days a week. Evening lessons are also available.

You must contact the instructor or the office. The time of the lesson will still end at assigned time and the late time missed is not made up.

You can make your course payments in Cash in advance or online secure payments.

No refunds are issued, however our school can accommodate you in another class within 45 days of booking.

To get your G1 Licence you will need to take a written test. To prepare for the test, order or read the Driver’s Handbook online for rules and regulations of driving in Ontario. You can also look for online resources, G1 written Practice Test and do some extra studying. Please visit Service Ontario for details.

If you have successfully completed a Government-approved driver education course, you can take your first road test after just eight months.

To book your road test, all you to log on to Simply fill in your information and book your road test for the next available date at a DriveTest centre near you. You can visit the site or even call 647-776-0331 / 1-888-570-6110. You can also contact the SR Safe Driving School office to help you with the booking.

Paper copy is required for the road test day, although you are certified electronically through the MTO system.

Yes, you can. Our professional instructors have many years of experience with road test procedures, and make sure you understand each and every maneuver in the test so you can pass your road test with full of confidence.

Ministry of transportation requires a minimum of 10 hours of driving to complete the program. 10 hours of lesson are enough behind the wheel along with prior experience, learning skills and comfort level of a student. If you need more practice to improve your skills before you go for your road test, we offer individual lessons to build your confidence for the preparation to pass your road test.

The certificate is issued by the service Ontario.

Full driving course or BDE course are suited for people who have little to no driving experience.